Privacy Policy and Google API Terms of Service

You acknowledge and agree that the following terms govern your use of lead forms:

  • You will request and use information from users (1) only as reasonably necessary for the limited purpose described in your lead forms and (2) in accordance with your privacy policy and any additional disclosures that you include in your lead forms. 
  • You will not sell the information provided by users or otherwise abuse that information (for example, by spamming users with repeated phone calls or emails). 
  • You will provide users with clear and comprehensive information about data collection and processing, including any sharing of users’ information with third parties, and obtain consent for that collection and processing where legally required. You will not license or otherwise disclose the information you receive from users to a data broker. 
  • You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations when contacting users or otherwise using the information they provide, including any marketing or spam regulations that may apply.

You also acknowledge and agree that the following terms govern your use of the lead form webhook:

  • You will comply with all webhook instructions provided by Google, including properly configuring an endpoint to handle POST requests. Google is not responsible for errors resulting from your misconfiguration of the webhook. 
  • The webhook is provided in beta form. Google may discontinue, deprecate, or change the webhook at any time without notice, and Google does not guarantee availability, delivery of data, or technical support. 
  • Your use of the webhook is governed by the Google API Terms of Service, available at together with these terms.