ZCORP – A Technology Company

Welcome to ZCORP’s Internet technology resource, training and support company.

We are a highly specialized Princeton, New Jersey, based computer technology enterprise, diversified into various technology related activities, including software development, hardware support, training and technology implementation support.

“We strive for smarter solutions to meet your priorities.”

Welcome to ZCORP’s Internet technology resource, training and support company.

Over the years we have developed a list of products, services and tools to assist our clients in meeting demanding challenges in the marketplace.  Our core idea remains simple; deliver customized solutions for our clients rather than mass production.

So, to meet the latest set of challenges we offer:

Remote Video Link for your customers: ClientVC

  • No Download Required
  • Hand-off to your Secretary / Collegue
  • Conference Room Setup
  • Fixed monthly cost for unlimited access.

Online Contract / Legal Documents: eSignatureTrust

  • No Signup required
  • Onetime cost for documents (or as needed)
  • Customized emails with your photos and info.

Search Engine Optimization: Your Local SEM

  • Website Development
  • Photography / Videography / Drone / 360 Views
  • Youtube Channel
  • Search Engine Opimization
  • GoogleAds
  • Social Media Integration

Client SMS Communications

  • Update Clients with Status
  • Stay in touch with SMS messages / informational updates

Law Office Case Management

  • Complete solution for Case Management for all areas of Law
  • Dedicated solution for Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Law

Remote IT Support

  • Windows XP – Windows 10 Support
  • Apple Mac Laptops and Desktops
  • Remote support for your remote employees
  • Remote access setup for your business

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