Remote IT Support for Small Business

Remote IT Support for Small Business

What is Remote IT Technical Support ?

Remote IT Technical Support offers consulting assistance when the you as a customer are at a geographical distance, are in need of technical support for computer system in your office and the technical support can be provided on a high-speed internet connection and telephone combination.

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Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Remote Support

  • Receive Better Value From Your It Budget With Flexible It Support Options
  • Over 80% Of All It Work Can Be Performed Using Secure Remote Access Software Technologies
  • With more companies recognizing the need to better address disaster preparedness, business continuity planning and security concerns, remote tech support has never been more in focus.
  • We deliver value by allowing you to concentrate on your business success while reducing downtime and controlling costs.
  • Also referred to as Remote IT Support, online tech support services are more affordable — and sometimes more effective — than setting up shop in-house. It eliminates added expense without compromise of quality.
  • Our Technical Consultants offers remote support services so you can get computer problems resolved remotely. Our remote support services give your employees a phone number that they can call to quickly resolve most computer issues.
  • Our remote network support services can keep your company’s network running reliably while freeing up the members of your staff to use their time more productively.
  • Our support technicians are standing by 24/7 to handle your company network issues remotely any troubleshooting by phone which benefits the customer and users.
  • While one-time fixes can provide substantial savings, ongoing service plans often ensure the greatest value for users with regular questions and minor issues.

IT Security

If you’re interested in long-term security support services, you can enlist our managed services plan options in areas like cloud security, email security, and vulnerability assessment.

We ensure the highest level of technical and consulting standards is maintained throughout all of our clients each and every day.

Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs.

With knowledge and experience, plus an endless array of options for support solutions and security features, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to hire remote technical support for your business.

We provide support that includes remote control, remote diagnostics, multi-platform support, device configuration, video support, and integrations and APIs.

How Does The Remote Support Service Work?

  • Whether a company is having computer, networking or security issues, online tech support providers can remotely do anything that an in-house IT department can do.
  • We support Windows, Mac, Linux, web business applications and full virtual desktops from our remote consultants.
  • Remote access software helps your team assist customers or employees from far away.
  • We can perform network management tasks such as security audits, password resets, backup operations, and software updates remotely without involving your internal IT department.
  • Whether a client needs tech support or staff devices require updates, a remote access software makes it possible without an on-site visit.
  • Remote desktop software also allows support teams and IT technicians to help their customers with computer issues without onsite visits. This solution allows technicians to access their customers’ systems to provide various services such as software updates, patch installations or application performance evaluations.
  • With our 24/7 help desk support and other needed IT services handled remotely, small businesses can afford to have the IT support they need.
  • Our IT support technicians resolve the issues faced by your employees.
  • Clients are not just getting one consultant to take care of their network, but rather an entire team focused on taking their client’s technology and business to the next level.


Since 1985, ZCORP continues to provide a total support software solution to remote businesses throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Fast, reliable, secure, we help businesses solve your technical issues faster.

Small and medium businesses face unique obstacles that can make it difficult to keep up productivity and make headway against competitors.

Individual and business needs can vary greatly when it comes to tech services, so it’s important to be clear on what exactly you need before choosing a service provider.

Our clients turn to us as an IT outsource because we are experts in IT management and business software solutions.

Although 97% of all large and small business remote IT services can be handled with remote work, there are some issues that need a more personal touch. In those case, we are prepared to provide local assistance.

If your business is not in position to have full-time our IT consultants can provide with technical support service with remote access.

With most employees in the United States still working remotely, there are certain to be some challenges to overcome.

We take a strategic business approach by consulting with you to understand your business technology needs.

All plans support unattended access, and Premium versions provide a reporting dashboard.

Some of the features — like support for mobile devices, third-party integrations, or web client access — are reserved for the most expensive pricing tier.

IT technicians can collaborate with customers in real-time with high-speed screen sharing and remotely transfer files, reboot devices, and install new software.

Our remote technical support service guarantees that we can always provide support as soon as possible.

Remote support allows you to have a network of support dedicated to improving the quality of your business’ technological capabilities.

Remote technical support relies on the user being able to boot up and log in to the computer, as well as have a basic understanding of server-side configuration.


Call us today for a free consult and let’s discuss your needs and how we can help you within your budget.

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